Sunday, January 13, 2008


This time tomorrow, I'll be on the water. The physical part of the journey is about to get underway. This is an emotional time, this time in limbo. Not quite departed but almost out the door; it will be good, and less confusing, to get the trip underway at last.

This time yesterday, I was on the water. A breakfast paddle to Cutt's Island with Gary and Ana, Jules and Jim. We paddled out through a steady rain from Horsehead Bay to the island just as the sky was getting light. We met Marc there, where he already had breakfast going for us in two dutch ovens. He was in his element, making constant, tiny corrections to the meal as it cooked, the smoke from the coals mixing with the smells of the food. Breakfast was delicious.

Yesterday evening there was a buen viaje party for me over at Gary and Ana's. Good food and great friends. Thanks for a wonderful evening and I look forward to seeing you all again very soon.