Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A quick stop

It's 10am or so on a fine, sunny Tuesday. I'm at the visitor's centre in Qualicum Beach, just getting the circulation back to my hands. My feet may take a little longer.

I went from Nanaimo to Rath Trevor Provincial Park yesterday (that's just a bit south of Parksville.) It was great weather and I wanted to continue, but my left shoulder was a bit sore and I felt like I'd done enough to merit an early stop.

This morning I woke up to find everything frozen. Everything. The waterbag was a block of ice, the tent flap was covered in snow from my breathing. The ground and all the drift logs around my camp site were coated in frost. It's hard to get up on mornings like that. Hot coffee took the edge off as I packed.

About 2 hours of paddling have brought me here. It's another nice day - I can almost see Comox in the northern distance - so I won't be on land for long.